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Most people who know me think I have quite the aversion to all things romantic. Whereas they’re not entirely off the mark, it’s more of a matter of being realistic…okay, with lots of cynicism thrown in. Point? I honestly don’t feel as if I’m missing out.

To this day, I still haven’t found anyone I’d reprogram my mind for. The closest I’ve come is saying to my sister, Felicia, that I’d marry her if she were male and we weren’t related. Why? You’d have to know her to understand. My mission today is to give you a peek into the lovely world of all things Fel.

Drive me crazy? ✓

Make me smile from depths of self I didn’t know I possessed? ✓

Finish each other’s sentences? ✓

Communicate without words? ✓

Remind my heart (dubious as its existence is) of what love feels like, just by the simple act of taking in oxygen? ✓

I could go on. Everyone needs a Fel… like, seriously. It’s so much bigger than the Bank of Fel phenomenon. It’s the way she lights up a room with a smile…the way she’s everyone’s self-appointed “fave”…the way her feet aren’t adult-sized…the way she walks around the house making noise for no reason…the way she delights in mischief…the way she can tick you off and make you smile in the same heartbeat.

I love my Felicia…and I miss her…and that’s what’s on my heart and mind today.

Is my family normal? A resounding no. Would I trade any of them for my greatest desire (whatever that is)? No. Each one is a gift. Know what I think? I think God knew I needed a Fel… and He gave me one. The same God who saw our need for Him (and gave us Jesus–best gift ever!) sees our need for human representations of His love, and He fills that need so beautifully. Be grateful.

If you have a Fel, say thank you. Thank you to that person who can make you remember how to smile … that person who can make you cry on a plane … that person who lets you enjoy being you, whoever you are.

So, not my best piece of writing, but I like it…because it’s about my Feliner…and I like her…lots.

Since I’m no longer on FB, I need a favour. All you nice people who are friends with Felicia, please share this link to her wall, or to your own wall. Just loud up di ting, so as many people as possible know how amazing she is. Who knows? I could get a brother-in-law out of this. She’s actually single…shocker. (A picture would be overkill…plus, she’d probably hurt me. Teehee.) OK, I’ll behave now. Thanks so much!

(P.S The title of this blog post was inspired by Felicia’s idea of how I’d express my response to the joy of her presence. Love you, Felpee! Thanks for loving me.)